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For the Company

Managed well internships can give you a system for undertaking value adding projects, whilst giving you an extended interview with good potential employees at the same time giving valuable experiences to the intern and building your local, regional and national presence. A Win-Win-Win opportunity. You can use it to promote yourself to Academic Institutions that could build into research and/or development opportunities, increase your network of access to research work and, if you embed local community projects, build your image and profile locally as a socially caring contributor to your community. An internship is not a one-way-street, the intern wants something out of it too – for example: experience of working in a real business, a job that is meaningful and uses their talents, the opportunity to develop and effective mentoring.

If you have an established internship programme:

If you don’t have an established internship programme:

What makes a good project for an internship?

Why would I offer an internship, what are the advantages and disadvantages?

Could an internship be cost effective?

How do I develop a company-wide internship programme?