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Advising the student – you could suggest the student looks at the student section of this website as it contains advice and guidance on all stages of their process from initial thinking about whether an internship is right for them through the internship to maximizing the benefit they gained from it. If you are interested the following sections of advice are given:

I am just thinking about an internship or project, why might one be good for me and what should I be thinking about?

What are the first steps I should take in finding an internship or project?

How do I maximise the chance of a successful application?

What should I do to prepare now I have the offer of an internship?

How should I prepare for my first days of the internship?

Important things for your first day?

What should I do during my internship?

What should I think about as my internship comes to an end?

How do I ensure I get the most long-term benefit from my internship?


Other frequently asked questions:

As the academic responsible for a student undertaking an internship you may need to think about and check: