Practical issues

Europemobility guidebook

A stay abroad is probably the best and most enjoyable way to learn about other cultures and yourself. In a short period of time you’ll experience more than you can ever imagine and, in the meantime, you’ll learn a lot, not only about the culture and language but also about yourself. The Europemobility guidebook has been specifically written for those who want to gather work-related experience and acquire training in so-called work placements. With this book you will get both inspiration and basic knowledge for organizing a work placement abroad.

Europemobility Guidebook
Work Placements Abroad
Main author: Reinout van Brakel
Co-authors: CSCS and Europemobility partners
Published by Europemobility Network with the support of the Lifelong Learning Programme

Manual for the management of transnational placements

This publication covers the needs of Erasmus placements and beyond, that is, it can be used also for placements and internships using other type of grants or for internships or for placements without grants. The manual is organized in three sections:

Manual for the Management of Transnational Placements: examples of University Current Practices
Improving the Placements and Internships from Academia to Enterprises - download (~50 mb)
Project Coordinator: Gregory Makrides, University of Cyprus

Project Work and Internship – Theory and Practice

Employability is foundational to the European growth strategy and it is being supported by many initiatives originated in several sectors. The Project Work and Internship – Theory and Practice book is one such initiative. The book consists of twenty two Chapters grouped in four sections. The first section deals with the Project/Internship teaching paradigm presenting different approaches in several countries and cultures. Then, in section two, a closer look is taken in employability and the interface between higher education institutions and industry. The following section supports the organization of practical education and its certification. The final section is dedicated to the case studies and experiences in different countries. Project Work and Internship – Theory and Practice gives the reader a chance to enter the world of the Project/Internship teaching paradigm. It is through this paradigm that students have the chance to practice their technical skills in a real-world-like setting and experience soft skills that are a key factor to employability.

Project Work and Internship
Theory and Practice
E-book ISBN: 978-83-63987-01-5
Printed version ISBN: 978-83-63987-00-8
Editors: Nuno Escudeiro, Agnieszka Klucznik-Törő, Adam Pawełczyk, Milva Carbonaro, Sorin Nanu, Anthony Ward, Tatjana Welzer