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New partner!

Published: 23 November 2015

The Praxis Network team is proud to announce our latest partnership with Project Lever!

What is Project Lever?

Project Lever offers an online service to students through which they can find faculty advisors for their studies/thesis. Having the support of an expert in the field you are interested in is always essential, because in the end more time is dedicated to research and less on finding the suitable sources for it. College students spend dozens of hours filtering through university webpages trying to find the right resources without any good tools to locate them. Project Lever makes it easy for students to start research projects by aggregating university resources and providing searchable databases of courses, past student projects, faculty profiles, grants, and library guides. Project Lever illustrates the very best of its service in education by its wide range of profiles of student advisors. It’s a simple, brilliantly executed idea that could have a very real impact on college campuses. Praxis cooperation with Project Lever ensures the widespread promotion of those profiles to students, bringing more opportunities for development. For more information, do not hesitate to visit Project Lever’s website, or contact them directly through info@projectlever.com


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