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European Association for International Education EAIE 2015|15-18 September, Glasgow Scotland

Published:15 October 2015

Europe's biggest international higher education conference this year, having more than 5050 participants from 90 countries, took place in Glasgow, Scotland. The participants experienced an original, innovative conference programme and took more than a glance of the well-known Glaswegian culture and hospitality. Through workshops, sessions and poster sessions, the participants had also the chance to discover the latest changes and researches in higher education.

The Praxis Network in cooperation with the European Association of Erasmus Coordinators promoted a session at EAIE 2015 addressing Internships and University–Business cooperation, more specifically Session 1094: Internships and University/Enterprise cooperation: keystones in youth employability and transfer of knowledge.

Student placements and internships are undoubtedly among the most prominent and natural bridges between the worlds of education and work. The Praxis Network is deeply involved in connecting these two worlds and promoting the efficient transfer of knowledge by creating unique opportunities for cooperation between universities and businesses. The Praxis session at EAIE 2015 was one more initiative towards these interests. With an audience of over 50 experts from higher education and industry, we have discussed topics related to project work and internships and their connection to employability and transfer of knowledge.

This EAIE session was just the first part of this initiative. Its main purpose was to raise challenges and questions to be discussed during the next few months, until May 2016. The second part of the session will be held at ERACON 2016, in Thessaloniki, Greece, between 10 and 14 of May 2016. At ERACON we will discuss and provide answers for the questions that arose during the Glasgow session.

Join us at ERACON 2016 and share your knowledge, your interest and your questions.

The questions from EAIE session to be answered at ERACON 2016 follow below. We will be discussing these questions online until May 2016. Feel free to join us and give your input here.

We are looking forward to your answers!


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