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Praxis Talents - create your own dream internship!

Published: 3 January 2018

New. Innovative. Simple to use. Stand out by showcasing your talent.

Praxis allows you to find that perfect internship you are wishing for because ... you will creat it yourself! Is this even possible? It is not only possible but really easy and simple as well. Register in Praxis, design your dream internship and submit it in your dashboard to become available for companies to search for you. Share your ideas and demonstrate your abilities in a creative way. That`s it! Now, you just need to wait for companies to contact you and prepare for your dream internship!

In the meantime, you can reply to the challenges that companies put up for you. Provide innovative solutions for their real-life problems … maybe you are the next talent they are looking for. This is the perfect chance for those who always thought that there is a better way to find a placement that just simply sending a CV.

It is all up to you … create your own dream internship or show your talent by providing creative and innovative solutions to the challenges offered by companies in Praxis. It is said that luck is where opportunity meets the preparation. Praxis Talents is the opportunity … you know what to do next!

Register here and start building you future career.


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