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Praxis and the EDIPUS Project

Published:19 December 2015

The Praxis Network keeps contributing to improve the chances of employability of undergraduates and young job seekers in Europe.

What is EDIPUS?

EDIPUS is a project supported by the EU, under the Erasmus+ Programme.

The aim of EDIPUS is to produce a Digital Portfolio Portal, where students can create their own portfolio of skills, practices, experiences and qualifications in a creative and professional way. The Digital Portfolio is expected to replace the traditional CV by offering a smarter tool for young people to express and “sell” themselves to potential industries while also involving career counsellors and university advisors. Another important objective is the creation of a database of digital portfolios to effectively involve employers in the process of using this tool to recruit young talents.

The target groups of the project include all university students in Europe, regardless of the study area, as well as academics, career officers, enterprises’ representatives and other stakeholders. The Digital Portfolio is likely to contribute significantly to the development of students' communication skills, self-assessment and self-esteem and finally provide a tool that allows benchmarking rating and facilitates mobility in the European and international ground.

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