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Praxis and Veedmee

Published:19 December 2015

Praxis is continually working to improve your internship experience and has recently announced its partnership with Veedmee!

What is Veedmee?

Veedmee is a smart way to communicate ideas or whatever you want through short video emails. Video communication has started becoming the number one communication format in the social and corporate reality. Moreover, personalisation in marketing is very crucial nowadays, since technology has taken over our identities under the business world.




Praxis is the Veedmee worldwide sponsor for Education and is offering this video-email service to its users. Particularly, students will be able to create a pitch video for companies or to contact their supervisors, their friends and family through a simple and effective video-email while they are doing their internship and also for their private life. Get a glimpse of Veedmee at:

Pt- http://veedmee.com/10-razoes-usar-veedmee/

En- http://veedmee.com/en/top-8-reasons-to-use-veedmee/

Es- http://veedmee.com/es/que-es-veedmee/

Soon Veedmee will be available directly to students through the dashboard in Praxis webpage.

Stay tuned!


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