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Praxis, the gateway to your future

Published: 3 December 2015

Praxis makes sure it is up-to-date with all the critical tools granting a better experience to its users.

The Praxis Network has been initiated to enhance international student projects and internships experience and to promote innovation in the field. Throughout the years the number of institutions and companies has been constantly increasing with more and more partners joining the Praxis family and choosing our portal to post their internship and project offers. Our unique partnerships are expanding to every corner of the world every single day. Through cooperation agreements with companies and service providers we are assuring that our users have the best service possible at their disposal.

This is not enough for the Praxis Network though, as we always like to keep it on the edge. Praxis is also actively involved in numerous projects that are dedicated to develop the Project/Internship field in Europe. EU projects under the Erasmus+ programme and research projects to promote equity and inclusion equip the Praxis portal with the latest trends and tools to improve the overall Project/Internship experience.

EDIPUS, INNOTECS, Blended-AIM and VirtualSign are a few of the projects the Praxis Network takes part in. Stay tuned and you will be updated with more information.


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