Paid Internship Opportunity in Marketing and communication, Graphic Designing, Event Planning, Resourcing & Education at VF Investment, Barcelona, Spain

Last updated25 February 2022


We are offering paid internships for interested candidates, especially within european union member countries, to undertake broadly planned out, and deeply intensified projects across a number of diverfied industrial fields, ranging from Marketing and Communication, Graphic Designing, Event Planning, Resourcing & Education.

You will get to work among the best young professionals, across the world, with every step fully designed to give you a sense of direction, and support, within your dicipline. You will contribute to every campign effort, and learn the basics, under close supervision. While we continue to guide you along the way, and make your stay a resounding success.

We have trading houses in Barcelona, and well distributed networks of subsidiary companies. Shortlisted candidates will be offered full contracts, with associated stipends, upon a succesful interview.

Learn from the best professionals in your fields, and gain practical experience. Become a part of a truly creative, and goal-oriented team, while working in a fast-pace environment.

You will also get to experience the natural wonders of a dynamic city, that is full of glamour. Best performing interns get to be fully integrated, and offered permanent contracts.




Job related skills

Marketing and communication, Graphic Designing, Event Planning, Resourcing & Education


Monthly Stippend: 950 euros

Free Accomodation

Health Insurance

Available Meals, and warm coffee

We are also registered with Erasmus+ traineeship programme.


Martini Mandate Limited



Study Domain(S)

Design,Educational Research,Journalism and Mass Communications,Business Administration,Finance,Marketing,Development, Social Policy and Planning

Valid until

17 July 2025



Study Degree






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