Praxis Market Gap Analysis

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Praxis is a European platform implementing a virtual market for project/internship offers. Companies and research labs submit their project/internship offers to the market that become available for search. Students search in the platform using keywords to express their own interests that are matched to the available offers.

This thesis is about developing a flexible tool directed for the Praxis administrators with the
purpose of reducing the number of unmatched Project/Internship offers and reducing the number of
searches returning no results.


- Reducing the number of unmatched Project/Internship offers in Praxis

- Reducing the number of searches returning no results in Praxis


Supply/demand matching will be based on the analysis of the offers available in the market together with the searches being made through the Praxis Virtual Market using text mining techniques.

We will:

1. Define the objectives for this tool,

2. Analyze the data that is available and the responses that it allows,

3. Specify the services to provide and the way to provide them,

4. Implement the procedures to extract, clean, aggregate and analyze the information available at the Praxis database (MySQL),

5. Design and develop the user interface in accordance with the brand guide of Praxis,

6. Design and develop the methodology to generate periodic reports on the supply/demand
mismatches and, eventually, suggest actions to correct them

7. Implement and deploy the Market Gap Analysis service

Job related skills

MAchine learning

Text mining

Critical thinking


Developing a solution that will be implemented on a platform being used worldwide by thousands of users.

Working in an international team

Working in association with a research lab, GILT





Study Domain(S)

Computer Science and IT

Valid until

30 March 2019



Study Degree



Not Paid



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