(WR Refª #32) CLM Exploration – CLM (Collaborative Lifecycle Management) exploration with the main goal to create a framework on IBM Rational Quality Manager (RQM) application that offers comprehensive test planning, test construction, and test artifact m

Last updated 22 January 2018


Context & Introduction

Managing application development projects today has turned complex due to diverse technology landscape, rapid advancing technologies, teams distributed across geographies, time-to-market driven environment. Teams are further challenged by reduced time to delivery, which they must do so without increasing budgets or sacrificing quality. To increase delivery speed, teams need to collaborate & automate more and avoid communication gaps to the best extent possible. 

Wipro Cloud CLM (Collaborative Lifecycle Management) is a next-generation & one-stop cloud hosted development platform for faster delivery and better management of Application Development and Testing Projects. The aim of Wipro’s Cloud CLM is to increase the collaboration quotient across all team members by providing a set of tools to support team activities.

Cloud CLM supports IBM Jazz based or Microsoft TFS based solutions covering end-to-end software development lifecycle from requirement management, design, implementation, build automation, testing and deployment.

IBM Rational® solution for Collaborative Lifecycle Management is a set of seamlessly integrated tools that work together as one. The Rational DOORS® Next Generation, Rational Team Concert™, and Rational Quality Manager products are delivered as a set of applications together with a Jazz™ Team Server.

IBM Rational Quality Manager is a collaborative, web-based tool that offers comprehensive test planning, test construction, and test artifact management features throughout the development lifecycle.

Objectives / Goals

The Goals of this internship is to setup IBM Rational Quality Manager module on different software development models (Waterfall and Agile) and create a framework to be used on projects. 

Working Plan

This project will have the duration of 6 months. During this period the candidate will have the opportunity to participate in the activities in scope for this solution:

  1. Explore CLM Rational Quality Manager (RQM) module
  2. Understand quality management process in Wipro
  3. Setup RQM module for Waterfall and Agile projects
  4. High Level Solution Design
  5. Proof of Concept
  6. Internship Report

Job related skills

Skills required / Skills to be developed

Understand technology stack; able to work autonomous and overcome hurdles


  • IBM Rational Software


  • Java 

The technologies to be used are not limited to the list above. 
We welcome new ideas and the creativity of the candidates that will integrate the project. 


Use of tools to on requirement management to increase the collaboration quotient across all team members and increase delivery speed.

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Study Domain(S)

Computer Science and IT

Valid until

21 July 2018


English, Portuguese

Study Degree






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