(WR RefÂȘ #07) Cutover Framework which represents a central management tool to manage all cutover operations across the different projects

Last updated 22 January 2018


Context & Introduction

Simply put, Cutover means decommissioning old systems and the implementation of new ones. 
In a project lifecycle, project cutover refers to the phase when the Project goes live. Project cutover is a series of tasks performed to deploy the components from the development/tests and /or Pre-production environments to the Production one and activate them. 
There is also another side to Cutover – the business one: Cutover also represents supporting and leveraging the business transitioning from one phase to another; 
Overall the aim is to ensure a smooth changeover across all dimensions (Business, Systems and Processes). 
Ensuring the best to their clients, Wipro has created a specialized group (Wipro Cutover Delivery Group) dedicated to this knowledge area, ensuring continuous methodology research and ability to manage cutover projects across all geographies. 
Driven by the need to manage very complex cutover projects, the Cutover Delivery Group is identifying the requirements for the design of the Cutover framework, which represents a central management tool to manage all cutover operations across the different projects. 

Objectives / Goals

The goal of this internship is to turn the vision from the Cutover framework into reality building therefore the cutover framework solution. 

The cutover framework should address the following points: 

  • Control and monitoring cutover activities and interdependencies
  • Integration with Microsoft Project
  • Integration with Microsoft Excel 
  • Dashboards with relevant information to support cutover management decisions 
  • Mobile capability 
  • SMS and E-mail alerts 

Job related skills

Skills required / Skills to be developed

Responsible for development and implementation of small to medium components should be able to work on problems of limited scope, through usage of standard software development concepts and principles 
Knowledge of programming languages 

  • The candidate will understand the different cycles of a project and acquire: 
  • Soft skills and capability to develop a business relationship 
  • Deepened knowledge of a project life cycle 
  • Intellectual drive (evidences driven solution) 
  • Problem solving 
  • On the job/ hands on training


  • Oracle Data Base 
  • Oracle Applications Server 
  • HTML & Java Server faces 
  • Oracle APEX 
  • Android/ IOS platform 
  • Microsoft Project and XML 
  • Oracle ADF 
  • Automation

The technologies to be used are not limited to the list above. 
We welcome new ideas and the creativity of the candidates that will integrate the project. 


A new solution in the market that will be highly usable and applicable to any given implementation across all technologies/ Scope/ Geographies. 
It will structure and facilitate procedures that up until now are mostly based on manual processes, requiring onsite presence. 





Study Domain(S)

Computer Science and IT

Valid until

21 July 2018


English, Portuguese

Study Degree






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