Business Software Developer (Sector: IT)

Last updated 22 December 2017


Location: Bratislava
Start: March 2018
Duration: 5 months minimum
Working language: English

This internship is a part of the Placement Slovakia program. All applying candidates have to be confirmed to receive an Erasmus+ learning agreement by their education institution covering the whole internship period.

Company profile: 
This traineeship is in a Slovak branch of an international company with headquarters in Netherlands, a leading springwater and watercooler brand, delivering water to companies in Slovakia for more than 15 years.
Position description:
Intern will be utilising high-level OO Perl Development techniques; Assisting the development of a custom made software platform; integrating functionalities and reporting tools working with the existing database; creating, modifying or updating (new) modules and functionalities using PERL, HTML and CSS; contributing to the quality of delivery, test and release infrastructure.

•    English language
•    Familiar with development using object oriented Perl
•    Knowledge of HTML, CSS and JavaScript
•    Knowledge of extracting data from database to create enhanced reports.

Knowledge and skills the trainee can learn during the internship:
Intern will work on a platform where business software is developed, tested, and integrated in a live environment. He/She will get trained and coached by senior development experts together with business experts, witnessing the task creation, architecture, developing, testing, integration and usability of the software.

•    Free accommodation provided;
•    Lunch meal vouchers,
•    Bratislava buss pass
•    Additional online training courses if proven useful for the position.
•    Standard support by our team. For more information check our website  

Interested candidates please apply by submitting an online application form at 

We look forward to hearing from you!


Interested candidates please apply by submitting an online application form at We look forward to hearing from you!


WorkSpace Europe


Bratislava (SLOVAKIA)

Study Domain(S)

Computer Science and IT

Valid until

20 June 2018



Study Degree



Not Paid



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