Last updated 12 February 2018


Megaventory is the web startup that changes the everyday life of employees in commercial businesses. It does this by offering a complete, flexible and state-of-the-art, cloud ERP application which can meet all the business needs of a company.

Every day, hundreds of employees use our application to process customer orders, replenish and monitor their inventory, and manage the company's production and reporting. Megaventory is one of the first startups offering Software as a Service ERP and has managed to establish itself in the global ranking with customers in more than 40 countries organically and all that without external borrowing or venture capital financing.

It is from this privileged position that we continue to develop our product and enrich it with new features based on our vision and continuous feedback from our customers. To implement these features, we are interested in employing and educating a graduate or a recent graduate within an internship position.

The internship can be carried out in the framework of a school or European Union / Erasmus+ funding program or by covering its costs by Megaventory Inc. The trainee will be employed at the Greece offices of the company in Maroussi, Athens.


Tasks Description:

• Developing functionality within Megaventory's main software and adding new features to it

• Developing Megaventory software integrations with third-party software via API

• Testing the Megaventory software before it’s pushed to production and becomes available to the paying client base

Job related skills

Necessary qualifications:

• Very good knowledge of HTML, CSS, Javascript

• Good AJAX knowledge and related frameworks (JQuery)

• Knowledge of .NET and SQL or equivalent such as Java or C# or similar

• Familiarity with version control (github)

• Good command of English, both written and spoken


Optional Qualifications:

• Previous development of software either for academic or professional projects

• Active github, stackexchange, or other related account

• Certification or attendance of relevant online courses (Udemy, Coursera, TreeHouse, etc)

• Familiarity with additional frameworks, APIs, SDKs and any other related technologies



• Acquiring practical and directly marketable knowledge and experience

• Support and guidance from the Megaventory Team towards the successful completion of internship

• Collaboration with other professionals in the field and networking

• Use of modern tools and methodologies

• Relaxed working hours with emphasis on results rather than on formal work

• Obvious and immediate impact of the work done on the entire customer base

• Work in a pleasant and professional environment in the most beautiful country in the world :)

• The prospect of further cooperation beyond the internship timeframe


An internship in Megaventory means gaining first-hand, practical knowledge and experience, taking on responsibility and ownership of the project at hand and the opportunity for work which will have a real impact on people all over the world. Those who would like something different than being one among the many going through an internship in a bank or an insurance company or any multinational can learn about us at https://megaventory.com.

Interested parties can apply making sure to include their CV, their academic grades in their relevant courses and their general grade average so far, as well as a brief description of any of the above requirements they cover.




Athens (GREECE)

Study Domain(S)

Computer Science and IT

Valid until

31 December 2019



Study Degree

Bachelor, Master, VET





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