Conversion of 2D plants to 3D and virtual agents of reduced mobility for navigation of 3D buildings

Last updated 13 February 2019


Participation in indie video game projects that very large and complex. It is expected that the new comer only does a small portion for this big project, so he can contribute in a meanful way, yet feasible.

There are many ways to contribute to one of the projects, they depend on the student curriculum and the task he chooses. Not all tasks are currently avaiable.

Headquarters are located in Porto, Portugal. The old host of ISEP/GILT is no longer supported by us. Should the student come, locations will be recommended to him. Rent prices in Porto are often around 250€.

Job related skills

Requirements: Discipline, self-funded.


  • Can work from home as long there is everyday virtual contact, frequent updates and a report of the tasks done, this must be negotiated mutually agreed on, not a guarantee.
  • The duration of the internetship can be negotiated.
  • C# Programing Language.
  • Unity Game Engine knowledge.


  • Good ambient and teamwork.
  • Resources and knowledge.
  • Dedicated supervisors, help and advisement.
  • Participation in on going projects.
  • Help and advisement from past students as well shared experiences and recommendations.
  • Certification and recommendation given depending on the student dedication and lessons learnt.





Study Domain(S)

Computer Science and IT

Valid until

31 December 9999



Study Degree

Bachelor, Master, VET


Not Paid



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