Use of hardware to facilitate the creation of games by people with different capacities (for example: Emotiv Epoc, Xbox Controller, other)

Last updated 10 April 2018


Aid in tasks for the creation of a game engine for the blind and/or deaf so that they create their own games, enabling them the creative process of creating games.

This internship will be at laboratory GILT (Games Interaction Learning Technologies), , in ISEP, Porto, Portugal.

Work done is included in the projects Virtual Sign, ACE, I-ACE, the goal of these projects is to give accessibility to people that have different abilities, such as blind, deaf and other. Virtual Sign has gestures for all languages bidirectional translation, which means a text can be converter to a 3D avatar's gestures, and the gestures someone makes can be translated to text, this eases communication between non-sign language users, and sign language users.

There is current work in serious games such as games for the deaf, blind and right now a collectible card game for blind, deaf and others.

These projects are very large and complex, so it is expected that the new comer only does a small portion for this big project, so he can contribute in a meanful way, yet feasible.

The task is:
Study on hardware components and their suitability for each type of disability. Creation of a platform that allows to quickly create a game using the hardware. The game must be done and played alone or collaboratively with people with a certain type of disability, and the hardware should allow this task to be easy and fun.

The duration can be negotiated.

To apply please send an email to

Job related skills

  1. C#


Optional: Unity,  Machine Learning.


  • Good ambient, teamwork in the GILT lab.
  • Computers, resoureces and other hardware (like sensors and controllers) related to games avaiable for free from the lab.
  • Help and advisement from experts working in the same project.
  • Participation in the project of Virtual Sign, ACE and I-ACE.
  • Beautiful and peaceful city of Porto.
  • Access to the facilities of the Polytechnic Institute of Porto such as the canteens, library, gymnasium
  • Official certification given by Professor Paula Escudeiro the head of the GILT lab.





Study Domain(S)

Computer Science and IT

Valid until

1 August 2019



Study Degree

Bachelor, Master, VET


Not Paid



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