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  • Internship at Gender and Women’s Studies Research Center

    • Istanbul (TURKEY)
    • Educational Research, Antropology, Communications, Gender Studies, History, Psychology, Sociology
    • >6 month
    • Bachelor, Master
    • Gender and Women's Studies Research Center (Kadir Has University)
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  • Business Development Internship

    • Design, Education, Educational Research, Ergonomics, Family and Consumer Science, Hospitality, Sports, Recreation and Tourism, Journalism and Mass Communications, Library and Information Science, Military Science, Art and Art History, Film and Theather studies, Literature and Cultural Studies, Language, Music, Philosophy, Accounting, Business Administration, Economics, Finance, Human Resources Management, International Management, Marketing, Project management, Public Admnistration, Applied Mathematics, Aerospace Aeronautical and marine, Bio and Biomedical Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Civil Engineering Architecture and Construction, Computer Science and IT, Electrical Engineering, Energy Engineering, Engineering Physics, Environmental and Geo Engineering, Industrial Design, Materials Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Climate Studies and Meteorology, Ecology Biodiversity and Conservation, Environmental Biotechnology, Environmental Chmestry and Toxicology, Environmental Earth Sciences and Geology, Environmental Economics, Environmental Impacts and Human Health, Environmental Systems Analysis, Environmental Technology, Hydrology and Water management, Soil Sciences and Soil Ecology, Sustainable Management, Policy and Governance, Civil and Private Law, Criminal Law, European Law, International Law, Public Law, Biomedicine, Dentistry, Human Medicine, Nursery, Nutrition, Pharmacy, Physiotherapy, Public Health, Veterinary Medicine, Astronomy, Behaviorial Science, Biology, Chemistry, Earth Sciences, Informatics and Information Sciences, Mathematics, Physics, Antropology, Communications, Development, Social Policy and Planning, Ethnic Studies, Gender Studies, Geography, History, Linguistics, Political Science and International Relations, Psychology, Sociology
    • 3-6 month
    • Bachelor, Master, PHD, VET
    • BoomIT
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  • Criação de plataforma de gestão da qualidade

    • Paredes (PORTUGAL)
    • Computer Science and IT
    • 3-6 month
    • Master
    • Aptidaocompleta unip lda
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  • Paid internship in 5* luxury hotel in China- accommodation, meals &cash allowance included

    • Chengdu (CHINA)
    • Education, Hospitality, Sports, Recreation and Tourism, Journalism and Mass Communications, Library and Information Science, Film and Theather studies, Language, Business Administration, International Management, Marketing
    • 3-6 month
    • Bachelor
    • Sichuan Internships & Immersion Programs
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  • Marketing Internship in Hong Kong

    • Hong Kong (HONG KONG)
    • Design, Journalism and Mass Communications, Marketing
    • 3-6 month
    • Bachelor, Master, VET
    • Cibcon
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