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Internship stress coping strategies

Published:26 August 2019

Feeling stress during times of change, like starting a new job or embarking on a new project is a completely natural response. In fact, the right amount of stress can even be a good thing as it can help motivate you and focus your mind. However, it is important to find ways to manage your stress and not let it get on top of you. Below are some tips for helping you to do just that so you can get the most out of yourself and your internship.

Looking good, feeling great

When you look good, you feel better about yourself, so make sure that you are dressed the part. On your first day, it’s best to dress on the more formal side to give you the chance to suss out the dress code to see how flexible they are and what’s acceptable. Going in super smart in any case always creates the right impression and it will help to calm your nerves.

Put your best foot forward

If you’re feeling nervous about your first day, then you should take deep breaths to calm yourself ahead of time, some positive and reassuring self-talk will go a long way too, remember that they have picked you for good reason! So make sure you go in with you best foot forward, not just on your first day, but every day from there on in.

Your contribution will be a great asset to the company

If you are worried about all the new faces and making a good impression, then bear in mind that having you there is a great help to the company, so people will be pleased to have you there. The best thing you can do is to maintain a calm and composed exterior, smile at your new colleagues and extend a firm and confident handshake, if you can get those simple things right, you’ll be off to a flying start.

Establish a routine

Getting a good routine in place and being well organised is absolutely key to ensuring that you stay on top of things and manage your stress levels. Maintaining the same daily schedule, which will most likely mean going to bed earlier, getting a good 7-8 hours in, and waking up nice and early, will help you to better manage your time so you don’t end up having to rush which is likely to leave you feel stressed.

Sleep and diet

Maintaining good sleep hygiene and getting into healthy routines has a positive impact on mental health and it can help you feel fresher and more energised. Diet is equally important to help you maintain good energy levels throughout the day. Having a good breakfast will set you up for the day, help give your mood a lift and make you better equipped to cope with any daily stresses or setbacks.


Meditation is a fantastic way to relieve stress; you will feel the benefits even from a 10 minute session! Meditating in the morning before work will help you calm any nerves and help you feel more relaxed, confident and composed. While meditating at the end of the day can help you unwind and de-stress so you can relax and make the most of your evening.

Physical activity

Another thing that could cause stress is not having enough down time or pushing out the things that you enjoy because you feel you are too busy. This is counterproductive and will only make you feel more stressed and tense. Physical exercise is not only important to keep you fit and healthy, it’s also a great stress reliever, mood enhancer and it will help you sleep better at night. So make sure you keep going to the gym or to your yoga class, so you can forget about work for a little bit and do something positive for your well-being, which will in turn help you to function better in your working life.


Katlyn Hudson



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