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Praxis Talents – find the best interns for your organization

Published:3 January 2018

New. Innovative. Fast to use. Scan applications and shortlist the best young talents.

Your organization faces some challenges or you started looking for new ideas for your projects. You open some internship vacancies. Lots of CV and motivational letters start to flow. Many of them will probably look almost the same. How to fast scan and find the best interns? Those who can really fit your company and the work you do?

One of the best options, which is not only useful but also very valued by interns, is to put students up in real-life situations. Now you have an opportunity to do that even before actually recruiting your new interns. Just like that, you will find the most motivated and talented students for your projects!

In Praxis you can post challenges for the whole Praxis students’ community. Ask students how they would solve specific problems or act in particular situations you might be facing right now. You will get feedback from talented students coming from all over the world that you can then select for an internship. Let their fresh ideas shaken up your company!

In the meanwhile you may also search for students mastering the skills and competences you are looking for. Just describe your needs and press Find Talents. That is true. Praxis Students also have the chance now to showcase their creativity and competence by submitting their dream internship.

Praxis Talents is the effective way for recruiters to find the right interns and an opportunity to promote vacancies for the students with most suitable skills

Register here and start exploring the opportunities we offer you.


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