My life and my dream intership

Last updated 15 May 2018



I'm a law student and I've been in the job market for over a year. I work with the public bodies and corporate companies privates/corporates, representatining the Micro enterprise Eletropeças TI, besides legally represent the company DATEN, in my State (PB-BR). Both companies are in the field of Information Technology, and I act in juridic areas, such as Law Process, Tributary and Economic-Financial, besides having a little knowledge in the area of ??IT. 
I won a scholarship to the University of Coimbra and I'm looking for a job/stage opportunity. I would like to act juridically/administrativily in some work there, because beside will broaden my knowledge and experience in my area, it will be great for my curriculum.

Study Domain(S)

Education, Language, Music, Business Administration, Economics, Public Admnistration, Computer Science and IT, International Law, Public Law, Antropology

Valid until

28 February 2019


English, Latvian, Portuguese, Spanish

Study Degree


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